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Four-Five Seconds with DJ DELICIOUS

DJ Delicious has quickly taken Australia's nightlife by storm, whether you've seen her performing around the country or heard her broadcasted over the radio airwaves. Amongst her busy schedule, we were lucky enough to catch up for a brief chat to find out a little more about who exactly DJ Delicious is!

What were your influences in becoming a DJ?

I was a dancer and a nightclub host when I first learnt to DJ, so it was the local Sydney DJs who I worked with every weekend that influenced me… rather than any huge famous act. Earlier on, it was WILD FM DJ Rob Brizzi however, when I found my feet… I was a huge fan of DJ Pepe and Troy T.

Over your career what would be your favourite or most memorable moment?

The first time I ever heard one of my mixes on the radio, it was a real buzz. I can still remember feeling the butterflies in my belly and being super proud!

Before a big gig, do you have any pre-performance rituals or specific preparations?

You know I really wish there was. Maybe I should make up one after this question… But no. Hang on, unless you count running around the house shouting “My keys, my keys… where are my keys?”

How would you describe your sound and style of music that you play? What makes a DJ Delicious set unique?

RNB and HIP HOP are my dig. New and Old Skool. I like to play what I enjoy but also what the crowd like too. It’s a compromise really, to ensure I still have fun throwing it down and the crowd get their jamz. I reckon though if I’m having a good time, the crowd usually will be too. I don’t know what makes my sets unique and I’m not sure if I want to? It’s a secret even to me. But it seems to be working :P

What is your favourite song to play in a DJ set and why?

Doh, not this question. I really don’t have a generic answer. I suppose at the moment tho… it’s a reggaeton edit of “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child. The ladies love it, and the sense of empowerment singing it and the guys just really dig the beat. It works a treat.

If you were to collaborate with any artist in the world (past or present) who would you choose and why?

Chris Brown. Bam. Yep I said it. Can rap and sing and dance. I enjoy everything he does musically. However, I feel like now I am cheating on Nate Dogg (RIP) saying that so I am gonna have to alter the question to: artist/s and say…. DJ Delicious vs Chris Brown vs Nate Dogg. I think it would work...

What can we expect in the next 6 months for DJ Delicious?

More Radio sets. More touring. A CD release (Compilation w RNB superclub) and a whole heap of smiles.

To find out more about DJ Delicious follow the following links: Facebook - click here

Mixcloud - click here

Booking Info - click here

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