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Chris Brown Drops New Album 'ROYALTY' & Throws Star-Studded Party!

Chris Brown's brand new album 'ROYALTY' has just been released. This is the highly anticipated follow up from widely successful 'X' and collaborative album with Tyga, 'Fan of a Fan'.

Brown has already released four tracks from Royalty, including "Liquor" and "Zero," which were unveiled in a double music video, "Back To Sleep," which had some fans scratching their heads and just last week "Fine By Me," which was the follow up video to "Liquor/Zero" and pitted Brown against a bloodthirsty gang leader out to kill the singer.

1. Back To Sleep 2. Fine By Me 3. Wrist (Feat. Solo Lucci) 4. Make Love 5. Liquor 6. Zero 7. Anyway 8. Picture Me Rollin' 9. Who's Gonna (NOBODY) 10. Discover 11. Little Bit 12. Proof 13. No Filter 14. Little More (Royalty)

In the lead up to releasing the album, Chris threw a private 'listening party' which was star-studded with some of the biggest in the business, including: Usher, French Montana, Kendell Jenner, Ty Dolla $ign, Scott Disick & more.

Scott Disick was a bit of a random amongst all of the artists, however he actually appears in Chris' video clip for his new track 'Picture Me Rollin'. The video clip is very controversial having just split up with Kourtney Kardashian - we'll let you make your own decision below:

Catch tracks from 'Royalty' as well as all your other favourite R&B + Hip Hop anthems at REIGN - Sunday Dec 27th at Marquee Sydney for the Boxing Day Long Weekend Special! Details here:

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