[WATCH] Desiigner takes on Pokémon Go

He's got broads in Atlanta, but that's not enough for Desiigner - he's out to catch them all!

Nowhere is off limits for the rapper-turned-Pokémon-trainer, and it's just like he was on stage with more energy than we've ever seen and "dddddaaaa!" around every corner.

Pokémon Go captured the world's attention, perhaps a bit too much, causing safety warnings galore. Desiigner ignores them, and his journey takes him through busy streets and over gates trying to catch a Charmander, which is not the behaviour you'd expect from the chart-topping rapper.

Watch the full video below and hear his top track Panda at Clique on Saturday night. Submit your guest list now.

via GQ

#desiigner #CliqueSydney #pokemon #pokemongo #urban #music #rapper

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