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Four-Five Seconds with DJ SEFU

Spending over a decade performing at sell-out events nationally, SeFu has played alongside international artists such as Lil Jon, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ludacris, Salt N Pepa, Far East Movement to name a few. With a firm belief that it is his responsibility as a DJ is to provoke an emotional response in any crowd, SeFu’s experience and dedication reinforces his position as one of the best DJs this country has to offer.

What were your influences in becoming a DJ?

I was 13, snuck into a my friends older brother's birthday party, and posted up in the back corner was a Chilean dude named Roger playing records I'd never heard of. I never left his side the whole night. Rest is history.

Over your career what would be your favourite or most memorable moment?

Too many to mention, so i'll pick one: walking into HMV in Adelaide back in the day and seeing my mixtape taking up an entire wall. At the time I was selling them at school behind the toilets, so I considered this a hefty upgrade.

Before a big gig, do you have any pre-performance rituals or specific preparations? Sleep. No one wants to see a DJ yawning between tracks. Unless you're into that kinda thing.

How would you describe your sound and style of music that you play? What makes a DJ Sefu set unique?

The style is Errrythang. Our job is to motivate dance floors, and I've made a career out of always switching it up no matter the genre. Drums are drums, never get sidetracked trying to fit into a box someone else built.

What is your favourite song to play in a DJ set and why?

To pick one means the above answer is a lie. The best track to play is forever what the crowd don't know they want until they hear it. If they already guess what's coming next, you need to look into a different industry. Fisheries or something.

If you were to collaborate with any artist in the world (past or present) who would you choose and why?

Past would be Freddie Mercury because he's Freddie F@#king Mercury, and current would be any of the hundreds of ridiculously talented cast away contestants from X-Factor or The Voice. Just because they're not shoved down our throats on television anymore doesn't mean we should forget them, and everyday we don't have a bunch of Australian acts making their mark across the planet is a crime. Don't support them because they're Australian, support them because they're dope.

What can we expect in the next 6 months for DJ Sefu?

The last two years I've been working on developing my own music, and now it's beyond time to start dropping tracks. Two remixes this month, then an original in February, then...who knows? I'd like to believe they're going to change the world, but I'll be satisfied with creating something that blows heads off shoulders. I'll pay for the ambulance.

To find out more about DJ Sefu follow the following links: Facebook - click here

Soundcloud - click here

Booking Info - click here


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